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SãoTomé e Príncipe  are volcanic islands lying in the Atlantic Ocean approx. 200 km south of the Nigerian coast. Their territorial waters are large, encompassing fairly deep waters but with a sediment cover that is unusually thick for such oceanic regions. This thick sediment cover represents the distal prodeltaic sediments of the Cretaceous Ogooué Delta of Gabon and the Niger Delta, the main sediment outlet during the Tertiary.is an archipelago made up by two islands and many islets situated in the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa and is between latitude 1º 45’ north, 0º25’ south and longitude 6º26’ east, 7º30’ west.


Name: Democratic Republic of SãoTomé e Príncipe

Distance from continent : 300 kms

Total area: 1001 km2

Population : 160 000

Capital: São Tomé

Other cities: Trindade, Guadalupe, Santana, Angolares, Neves, S. António do Príncipe

National currency: Dobras (STD) Exchange Rate: 1 USD=16, 700 1 EURO=22,300 (May 2009)

GDP per capita: 547 USD (2001 survey)

Cash crops: Cocoa, coffee, coconut, pepper

Life expectancy: Women 68,1 years; Men 63 years

Literacy rate: 70 %

Political regime: Multiparty democracy

Arms of Government: President of Republic, National Assembly, Government and Courts


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