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This is where we'll provide the latest information on the EEZ License Rounds. 

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May 5th 2011 - Results 1st Licensing Round, Award of Block 3 to Oranto Petroleum

In the light of the First Licensing Round and following the evaluation of all the applications submitted, including the necessary due diligence undertaken by the authorities.


May 5th 2011 - Resultado do 1º leilão Blocos ZEE

Agência Nacional do Petróleo, prevalece da presente para informar que no âmbito do 1º Leilão de Blocos da Zona Económica Exclusiva, o Governo através da Resolução do Venerando Conselho de Ministros de 2 de Maio do corrente ano, decidiu.


December 23rd 2010 - License Round Bidders and Blocks Applied for:

Following the opening of the bids the Agência Nacional do Petróleo de SãoTomé e Principe (ANP-STP) a.k.a. National Petroleum Agency is pleased to announce the blocks applied for in the first licensing round that closed on 15th November 2010.


November 22nd 2010 - License Round Bidders

Agência Nacional do Petróleo de SãoTomé e Principe (ANP-STP) a.k.a. National Petroleum Agency is pleased to announce the companies that have submitted the bids for the first licensing round that closed on 15th November 2010 .....


September 9th 2010 - License Round Extension to 15th November 2010

The deadline for submitting tenders for seven blocks in Sao Tome & Principe will be extended by two months to November, said Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada. "It is an opportunity that we are giving to other companies to take part in the bidding process. We have received offers, but we want more participation," said Trovoada. He said the deadline was also pushed back because of July and August elections, which saw him succeed Rafael Branco as prime minister. Interested parties have until 15 November to table bids, which were launched in March and had an original deadline of 15 September. "We have a new National Assembly which should start working this week," Trovoada said, adding that the current bidding process requires the "participation of the parliament and civil society."


July 1st 2010 - Seismic Interpretation Availability

Following request from Companies, ANP has agreed to make available its regional interpretation of key horizons within the EEZ to Companies who have first license the seismic data. This will assist Companies in their regional understanding and allow them to focus their efforts on determining the prospectivity of the EEZ.................


June 14th 2010 - Evaluation Criteria

Agência Nacional do Petróleo de SãoTomé e Principe (ANP-STP) a.k.a. National Petroleum Agency is pleased to release today further details of the criteria to be used in the evaluation of applications in the STP EEZ Licensing Round that closes on September 15th 2010. The evaluation criteria can be downloaded from . ANP-STP seize this opportunity to advise that data room in the UK continues to be busy with good range of Oil Industry interest that includes several key Majors, National Oil Companies and Independents.


March 22nd 2010 - USA Road Show April 11 to 15th

The 1st License Round road show dates have been confirmed as April 11-14 at the AAPG conference in New Orleans and on April 15th at the PGS offices in Houston.  The Prime Minister of STP, Mr Rafael Branco will open the Houston seminar, email for your invitation to attend the Houston conference.


March 2nd 2010 - 1st EEZ License Round Opens

The Prime Minister Mr Rafael Branco opened the  EEZ 1st license round on the 2nd of March 2010 at a special ceremony in Sao Tome and by video to the International Oil Companies at the APPEX conference in London on the same day.  A presentation to the conference outlined the first license round will contain seven (7) blocks from EEZ zones A & B.


February 19th 2010 - ANP-STP, Resolution of EEZ preemption rights and update on 1st EEZ License Round

Agência Nacional do Petróleo de SãoTomé e Principe (ANP-STP) a.k.a. National Petroleum Agency is pleased to announce resolution of the preemption rights for Petroleum Exploration within its territorial waters. In accordance with these preemptions rights, Equator Exploration and ERHC have each been awarded two blocks subject to PSC negotiation which will include a competitive work program.....


June, 16th 2009 - AAPG Denver, USA

The Agência Nacional do Petróleo de São Tomé e Príncipe provide an update on plans for the 1st EEZ STP Licensing Round.


November 4th 2009 - Africa Upstream, Cape Town

The Agência Nacional do Petróleo de São Tomé e Príncipe announce plans on the 5th of November, at the Africa Upstream conference in Cape Town, for a competitive bidding round to explore for hydrocarbons for up to 17 separate defined offshore areas.  Applications will be assessed based on stated evaluation criteria.  Successful applicants will be granted a Production Sharing Contract (PSC).


December 18th, 2008 National Petroleum Agency opens a Technical Data Room

In December 2008, Huw Edwards and Cristina Puig of PGS Reservoir, accompanied David Pratt, Marine New Venture Manager Africa and Osvaldo Abreu, Business Development Supervisor Africa to Sao Tomé Island.


PGS West Africa Prospectivity

The Gulf of Guinea is proving to be one of the most prolific oil and gas provinces in the world. A series of new, world-class discoveries have been made during the last few years, stepping out into deep water from proven nearshore oil provinces in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and Angola.


PGS to promote Sao Tome

PGS has entered into an exclusive agreement with the Government of São Tomé and Príncipe ("STP”) to assist in the promotion of the offshore acreage. PGS will also assist the STP Government with marketing the exploration opportunities and prospectivity of the São Tomé and Príncipe offshore to the international oil industry. To this end, PGS has acquired high quality 2D and 3D seismic data which is now available for licensing




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